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UGAKART is operated by Emerald Global Limited an Emerald Group company. is the authorized web address of the brand Ugakart.

Ugakart aims to build a highly customer focused, one stop shop for products sufficing their requirements.

It is a one of a kind online platform wherein the customer can search, browse, experience & order anything and everything possible to deliver.

Ugakart offers thousands of branded products, a vast collection of merchandises, fast & trusted delivery, all at affordable prices.

we are a state of the art online platform delivering not only the products but customer experience.

Our Mission

To bring the best online shopping experience to our customers through through our innovative platform and services, and to add value while making a difference.

Our Vision

Inspiring each other to be the best we can be by providing a great place to shop.

Our Values

Collaboration, Leadership, Integrity, Accountability, Passion, Diversity, and quality.

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