LG MH6336GIB microwave oven features Inverter technology,23L capacity in black color. Features grill function, electronic control and digital displays. 
Key Featues:
Dishes cooked to perfection: Heat, thaw and cook food in less time, saving energy. The Smart Inverter technology allows you to perfectly control the microwave power and then prepare a series of dishes so far impossible to make in the microwave.
Uniform heating: Discover the benefits of tasting perfectly cooked and warmed dishes evenly, right down to the heart of the food. The panel controls allow you precise temperature control.
Uniform thawing: Adjust the temperature according to your needs and uniformly defrost foods, both in the center and on the surface.
Kitchen in less time: Results of a real Chef in a short time with the control of power. Reduce cooking time for any dish and set up to 1200W * of power.
Versatile cooking: With a single appliance you can fry or heat the food. With the NeoChef ™ microwave you can prepare yogurt at home.
Grill as on the barbecue: Grill and make your food perfectly crisp without having to use the stove.
Main characteristics:
Grill mode
Grill and Microwave Combination Microwave 
5 power levels
Quartz Grill
Electronic Panel Touch Control 
Child safety
Automatic cooking programs
Automatic defrost programs
Cooking with Crispy dish
2 in 1 combined function
EasyClean ™ Antibacterial Enamel 

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