Clikon Egg Master flaunts a compact and portable design. You can take this egg maker along with you while going for a weekend getaway with your friends.Making tasty and tender eggs is now easier than ever! With the Clikon CK2413 Egg Master, you can prepare evenly cooked eggs in no time. Now, you can experiment with your breakfast and indulge in healthy munching. This egg maker is easy to use and maintain. The nonstick interior is easy to clean with the brush provided with the egg maker. This Clikon Egg Master allows you to cook two eggs at a time. A splash of oil is sprayed on the interiors; then the eggs are poured in the appliance. After few minutes, when the eggs are cooked, they are taken out from the appliance. The final output is a sausage-shaped cooked egg that looks as alluring as it tastes. The eggs are evenly cooked and retain their nutritional value. You can stuff the prepared egg in a wrap or make a burger with its sliced pieces. This tasty treat is definitely the right way to start your day on a happy note.

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