Clikon Egg Master flaunts a sleek and slender design, which makes it easy to be stored anywhere in your kitchen. Buy this egg maker at you are looking for an appliance that can cook faster and tastier eggs, then this Clikon CK2412 Egg Master is the perfect pick for you. It is effortless to use. All you need to do is take two eggs and fill the Egg Master with it. Then, wait for few moments, and you will get soft and juicy sausage-shaped cooked eggs. You can wrap it in a burrito sheet or cut in into pieces to make it a salad dressing. Either way, you are going to love it. This egg maker has a nonstick coating on its interiors that makes it easy for you to take out the cooked egg. It flaunts a portable and lightweight design, which makes it easy for you to store it in your kitchen cabinet after using. You can even carry this Clikon Egg Master with you when going out for a picnic.

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